Questions for fitblr's!

  • 1. Have you ever tried a diet plan?
  • 2. Do you do a sport?
  • 3. What is your Goal Weight?
  • 4. Have you ever reached your Goal Weight?
  • 5. What keeps you motivated?
  • 6. Are your family healthy?
  • 7. How much weight have you lost so far?
  • 8. On a scale from 1-10 how healthy are you? (10 is very healthy)
  • 9. Do you want a six pack?
  • 10. What does your ideal body look like?
  • 11. Are you happy in your own skin?
  • 12. What part of the body do you mainly work on?
  • 13. What part of the body are you already happy with?
  • 14. Do you do weight?
  • 15. How much exercise do you do weekly?
  • 16. Do you go to the gym/ workout at home/ only play sport and train
  • 17. Do you think you can make a big improvement by summer?
  • 18. Do your friends support you?
  • 19. Does your family support you?
  • 20. Has anybody seen a difference yet?
  • 21. Why did you start a fitblr?
  • 22. Do you binge?
  • 23. Do you treat yourself?
  • 24. What is your normal breakfast?
  • 25. What are your fav healthy snacks?
  • 26. Do you cook?
  • 27. Are you vegetarian?
  • 28. What celeb do you want to look like?
  • 29. Are you vegan?
  • 30. Do you eat enough fruit and veg?
  • 31. Do you drink protein shakes?
  • 32. 5 things you love about fitness?
  • 33. How long do you usually work out for?
  • 34. Do you run?
  • 35. Do you have a fitness buddy?
  • 36. What's the highest weight you've been at?
  • 37. What do you love about yourself? (name 5 things)
  • 38. Are you body positive?
  • 39. How often do you weigh yourself?
  • 40. How do you stay away from unhealthy foods?
  • 41. Your fav fitness blog?
  • 42. What are your top 3 tips for fitness?
  • 43. Your fav vegetable?
  • 44. Your fav fruit?
  • 45. Are you allergic to anything?
  • 46. What do you wear whilst working out?
  • 47. What sports brand is your fav?
  • 48. What shoes do you wear?
  • 49. 3 things that annoy you about other people (to do with fitness)
  • 50. 5 reasons why you would recommend someone starts a new healthy lifestyle.
  • Finally some questions about FITNESS!

Anonymous asked:

I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and I love how positive and inspiring you are! I started running two months ago to get in shape and lose weight, and I'm (shockingly) starting to actually enjoy it! I just invested in my first pair of professionally fitted Saucony running shoes. Do you have certain kinds or brands of running gear that you really like and recommend to newbie runners?

rachaelfightsback answered:

It’s really all about finding what you like and what works to your preferences! I love Asics and Brooks for shoes because they provide the support I need. I run mostly in capris (any brand/form fitting or compression), Nike shorts, or even a running skirt here and there. My winter running tights are Reebok, and I just bought some Under Armour ones to try when the time comes.

Tip: Shop the sale racks first! Sports Authority occasionally marks things WAY down. Not even with my discount, I got the UA tights (in the middle of summer) for 60% off! Also, if you want to order something online and do it IN THE STORE, you’ll typically get free shipping and/or another discount. 

Another tip: BODY GLIDE IS A MUST. I don’t use it all of the time, but when you’re first starting and your body is moving in a new way, body glide will help with any potential chaffing. Put it everywhere… even under your bra line or heart rate monitor strap. 

A typical run for me looks like this (weather depending):

  • Snug sport bra, any brand works for me, but it needs to be snug to hold these babies in… and make me look 12. 
  • Moisture wicking tank top or short sleeve - the ones I get from races work great, too! 
  • For long runs, I wear moisture wicking underwear as well. I got them from Target and they help with excessive sweating. 
  • Capri’s - I don’t like to run in loose capri’s. My favorites are the ones I have  from Old Navy and Under Armour. 
  • Shorts or skirts - They typically have built in underwear or compression shorts underneath for the skirts! I definitely use body glide when I run in something like this. 
  • Running socks - Thin air wicking ones for summer, thicker warm socks for winter. Some of them even have a little nub on the back ankle to keep it from rubbing which is nice. 
  • Shoes - I highly recommend going to a running store first and having them fit you for shoes, so kudos on that. They will have you run on a treadmill to see if you pronate, etc., and will show you what works best. Even if you aren’t going to buy, you’ll know what you need and can typically find them cheaper somewhere else or wait for a coupon. DSW also has many of the same running shoes. 
  • Garmin Forerunner (420 version) - It’s an older generation GSP watch, but does the job just fine for tracking my workouts. I love it to help keep me motivated and on track with pace. It’s also awesome to look back on everything I’ve done. 
  • RoadID - GET ONE. I wear mine all of the time now because you just never know. Mine is a bracelet, but they have a bunch of options. 
  • Fitbit Flex - Because I like numbers and competition. It’s extra awesome when I’m actually running 10+ miles on a regular basis. 
Hope this helps! Buy what you can afford and work your way up to the really nice things once you know if you’re addicted ;)